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Beautifully Orchestrated Musical Arrangements

Like all great things, brilliant background music is made with passion and crafted with skill. A carefully chosen track has the power to make your content shine: a fantastic product won’t seem quite as good if it’s showcased by low-quality music. Our arrangements are suitable for use on Corporate and Business media such as presentations, TV commercials, shows, newscasts, documentaries and more. They're fresh, positive and uniquely orchestrated to your liking.
Audio Categories
  • For Websites
  • For Commercials
  • For Advertisement
  • For Presentations
  • For Training Videos
  • For Corporate Videos
  • For Games & Entertainment
Audio Styles
  • Instrumentation
    For that sweet simple sound
  • Small Ensemble
    For that live band sound
  • Full Orchestral
    For that full orchetra sound
Define the Mood

You define the mood and we will make it happen. Our composers have decades of musical experience and will create the desired mood for your commercial or special event.

Sports Audio Sample

Competitive Sports Commercial
This action packed track is all about energy, adrenaline, power, risking it all and winning the game, being an ideal fit for sport promos, commercials and such. This sample audio allows you to listen to how we create an energetic powerful mood, providing greater impact on your visual advertisements.

Technology Audio Sample

Corporate Commercial
Designed for the technology, innovation, science and others modern projects. The advertising business is always asking for a new, fresh, professional and modern sound. Being up-to-date is simply necessary to maintain your business at the top! Let our musical composers create a unique sound for your next commercial.

Summertime Audio Sample

Retail Store Promotion
This track is built on a very youthful, confident and happy progression. It is very easy going, relaxed and pleasant for anyone to listen to. It has a very interesting and inspiring sound, perfect for any advertising background, commercial, presentation, positive project or success media influenced by some sunny and happy vibe. We compose audio tracks to give rise to the feelings of fun, happiness, motivation and innovation to bring that punchy happy feel.

Holiday Audio Sample

Christmas Carol Promotional Ad
This Christmas music is ideal for a variety of Christmas projects, video, advertising, presentations and more. This beautifully composed audio track brings out the joyous sounds of Christmas and the joy that it brings.

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